Values, Mission and Vision

We are an international learning community committed to excellence!



  • Our learning community represents cultural, ethnic, economic and social diversity.
  • Our students will be ethical international citizens of an ever-changing world and will understand their role as 21st century global citizens.
  • Fluency in a second language and early exposure to different cultures develops and builds a strong academic foundation and gives students a future advantage.
  • We are committed to bringing well qualified native English speakers from around the world into our learning community.


  • Our dynamic curriculum challenges students to be learners and critical thinkers, simultaneously challenging our faculty to deliver the best learning outcomes.
  • Members of our community have a never-ending curiosity to learn about the world around us and the ability to apply the knowledge to their daily lives.
  • Our community encourages wholistic development - focusing on life skills and physical development as a complement to academic learning.
  • Our faculty and staff are life-long learner role models, constantly striving to improve their craft and learn about innovative teaching strategies.


  • All members of our community have a right to be heard, supported, valued and respected.
  • We promote a cooperative environment where all members work together to achieve excellent results.
  • We recognize problems and find workable solutions to create a safe and sustainable environment internally and within the community at-large.
  • We are active members in the community, always striving to make a positive impact.


  • We expect our students to perform at their individual best and demonstrate competencies across a broad range of content areas.
  • We are committed to extraordinary care and making sure that every member is treated with love and respect.
  • We are a community of endless possibilities, allowing each member to contribute in a personalized way.
  • Our community collectively recognizes that nothing is more important that the education of children and works endlessly to deliver the best results.

GP Academy is committed to developing the unique potential of every student by delivering an exemplary American educational experience with a Vietnamese foundation and an international focus.


GP Academy demands the highest standards from every member of our international learning community in an effort to provide an excellent education and become the bilingual school of choice for Vietnamese parents.