Why GP Academy?

Early Advantage 

Our dynamic curriculum is developmentally appropriate but content-rich, guaranteeing your child an early advantage when they enter primary school. The curriculum seamlessly blends a variety of teaching methodologies with the internationally recognized American Common CORE, while incorporating Vietnamese educational standards.

 Extraordinary Love and Care

The research on the student-teacher relationship is clear - it has the greatest impact on student learning, so we put an extra emphasis on taking care of your child.

 World-Class Facilities

Our partnership with GP.Invest and Vinaconex has allowed us to design and build a world-class facility on 2775 m2 complete with spacious classrooms,  an indoor swimming pool, a natural roofscape, a library, a computer room, a musical performance room and an indoor gym.


One of our top goals at GPA is to bring value to the community and to provide an international education at an affordable cost. We will always strive to deliver value and a simplified fee structure.

 English Offering

Our bilingual curriculum delivers 2-3x more English exposure over the course of the day  than most other bilingual schools.

 Personalized Learning

At GPA, we offer high levels of differentiation and support to fit a wide variety of learning styles, allowing every student to learn in a way that fits them best, reflecting the world our students will grow up in and eventually be leaders in.

 American Heart

The heart of an American education has everything to do with options - a parent that chooses GPA will be rewarded with options for their child to explore their interests, options to be involved in the community and more options for the next stop in their educational journey.   

 Global Spirit

GPA is responding to the constant change in our world by exposing students to the world around them in innovative ways, as preparation for their future as 21st century global citizens.