Learning Areas

In addition to the core subjects of English, STEM and Vietnamese/Life Skills, students at GP Academy also spend time in our designated learning areas daily. Students attend the swimming pool, library, computer room, music room, multi-purpose room and the indoor gym on a rotational basis every week. The learning done in these areas is a key part part of our curriculum - designed to meet all aspects of a student’s development.   


The Library at GP Academy is the ultimate extension of our classroom reading corners and our bilingual curriculum as a whole. The ever-growing learning area is made up of 300+ English titles, most of which are imported from the United States and many of which are literary award winners that are frequently used in American schools and a collection of Vietnamese titles, many of which are used in the daily curriculum. The area also includes an e-book station and a puppet station with plenty of reading nooks for students to experience all of the learning materials. All students participate in a library session at least once per week, where they enjoy a story or activity and browse through the resources available.  

Computer Room

GP Academy recognizes the importance of technology’s place in both the classroom and the 21st century world that our students live in. As a result, it is greatly emphasized as part of our curriculum and is one of our Learning Areas. In our Computer Room, we learn basic screen, mouse and keyboard skills, while playing educational games that train logical thinking, observation, memory and creative skills. We use the internet to access educational resources and interactive websites that enhance and add context to the content learned in our classrooms, while promoting collaboration and discussion. Students also gain exposure to a variety of other technological tools like laptops, tablets, etc. Our primary goal is to equip students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in our increasingly digital world.

Multi-Purpose Room

The Multi-Purpose Room at GP Academy is an extension of our classroom learning stations, allowing students the space to tap into their imagination to play, build, tinker and experiment with a variety of learning tools. We have a LEGO station, a Montessori tool station, a busy board wall and a few other surprises that students will look forward to learning in every week - with 8 stations, there is something for everyone at every grade level!

Music Room

At GP Academy, music is an integral part of daily activities and many skills are introduced through artistic expression - students learn through songs, dance, musical instruments, creative movement, dramatization and role play. The goal of the music element of our curriculum is for children to learn to interpret music, develop their imagination and express their creativity through a variety of activities. The program progressively stresses the following:

  • Children imitating sounds, singing simple songs from memory in a group setting and perform body actions in time with the beat.

  • Children listening to music and becoming aware of concepts such as volume, melody, rhythm, tone and tempo to be able to respond to contrasts in musical elements.

  • Recognizing music notes and creating rhythmic compositions using them.

  • Using classroom instruments like keyboards, drums, etc. with care to develop music reading, composition and performance skills.

  • Actively interpreting music in their own style, making up new melodies and movements and positively responding to the diverse musical interpretations of others.

  • Creating short rhythm patterns and subsequently short compositions through voice, body movement and musical instruments.

  • Learning a variety of traditional songs, rhymes, movement games and dances in both English and Vietnamese.

  • Organizing and practicing campus-wide performances throughout the year (Mid-Autumn, Christmas, Graduation, etc.).

Physical Education

Our physical education program incorporates outdoor play on our playground or roofscape, swimming in our indoor pool and activities in our indoor gym. The curriculum has both structured elements, like swimming with an instructor, and time for students to participate in varied physical activities of their own choice, like playground free play. Students learn through movement in a fun environment that encourages a lifelong commitment to choosing a healthy lifestyle. All of our students have the opportunity to take part in the following:

  • Movement Skills - Learning about the five elements of fitness (flexibility, strength, power, endurance and balance) to understand that movements can be linked together and refined.

  • Games - Students play a variety of movement and ball games to develop their spatial and directional awareness and their movement skills like running, jumping, throwing, starting and stopping, etc.

  • Individual/Team Sports - Developing competency in a range of athletic activities and team sports (soccer, basketball, track & field, swimming, etc.) and understanding specific movements, strategies and laws of the games.

  • Critical Thinking and Creativity - Once students are able to recognize the rules of games, they are able to think critically to identify workable strategies and creatively change the rules to create new games.

  • Teamwork and Social Skills - Developing a respect and understanding of one another in competitive settings and the need for teams to work together in order to problem solve and accomplish team objectives. This allows students to better communicate their emotions and recognize the individual role they play in group settings.

  • Swimming - Students have swimming instruction in our indoor pool at least once a week, allowing for the early development of proper technique, cardiovascular fitness, endurance and general strength.