Our Vietnamese program is the other side of our bilingual experience, designed to develop Vietnamese proficiency and fluency through the four domains of language acquisition: reading, writing, listening and speaking. This content area also includes a Life Skills component resulting in a wholistic approach that enhances children's awareness of themselves, their cultural heritage, their surrounding environment, and the world in which they live. The curriculum integrates art, music, field trips, cooking lessons, and audio visual aids to help promote children's understanding of concepts.

Students are able to explore different aspects of Vietnamese language and culture including food, lifestyle, traditional celebrations and games, folk stories, proverbs and nursery rhymes. In life skills, students learn about their role to self, their family, our school and to their country. They also learn the soft skills that are necessary for independent decision making, self confidence and a strong self esteem. The curriculum includes quarterly field trips to relevant and significant destinations around Hanoi.

The GP Early Advantage Curriculum’s approach to Vietnamese is based on the following practices:

  • Native Vietnamese speaking teachers.
  • Vietnamese language exposure through poems, proverbs, nursery rhymes, etc.
  • Gradual progress from single word formation to short sentences to storytelling.
  • Practice writing and early foundations of reading.
  • Listening to Vietnamese language through songs, rhymes, folk games and puppet play.