STEM - Science

At GP Academy, our Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) program integrates science into our daily content delivery, our curricular themes and other activities throughout the year. Through units that are reflective of their curiosity, interests, and abilities - children are able to develop an understanding of science, technology and health. Using observations, experimentation and discussions our students build scientific skills like prediction, classification, investigation, exploration, critical thinking and problem solving. Hands-on manipulation of learning materials allows for a better understanding of the topics of study as well as their immediate environment.

A well-designed science curriculum develops the skills that our graduates will use for a lifetime because it requires that children ask questions, look for answers and develop an awareness of their surroundings. We cover a variety of topics ranging from the study of animal and plant life, exploration of our senses the properties of matter, forces and energy and our solar system. The highlight of the science curriculum is the annual celebration of Earth Month between Earth Hour in March and Earth Day in April, where every lesson focuses on how we can make a positive impact on our planet.  

The GP Early Advantage Curriculum’s approach to science is based on the following skills:

  1. Gathering data through careful observations.
  2. Measuring data accurately through the use of a variety of scientific tools.
  3. Explaining their experiences and observations with scientific vocabulary.
  4. Generating questions to be explored.
  5. Carrying out experiments and manipulating variables as necessary.
  6. Making and testing a hypothesis.
  7. Drawing conclusions by evaluating gathered data.
  8. Manipulating and applying scientific models.