Our English program is at the heart of our bilingual experience, designed to increase English proficiency and fluency through the four domains of language acquisition: reading, writing, listening and speaking. The program is theme-based, often incorporating the topics being taught in their other content areas; social greetings, family, animals, foods, colors, number, and action/direction words are presented to the children through songs, stories, and games. It builds language skills sequentially from Daycare to Kindergarten. Carefully selected native speakers with years of education experience teach all of our English courses.

Learning another language in the early years introduces children to the experience of communicating differently and allows children to see there is more than one way of looking at the world. Our primary goal is to instill a love of books and pre-reading strategies which will help lay the foundation for a lifelong joy of reading and learning in both English and Vietnamese. We often read books written in English that relate to topics covered in the curriculum, most of which were imported from the United States, many of them literary award-winners. Students are able to learn about characters and situations similar to and different from themselves and their experiences. It is our expectation that a child that is a part of our learning community from Daycare all the way through Kindergarten will be equally capable of communicating in English and Vietnamese.

The GP Early Advantage Curriculum’s approach to English is based on the following practices:

  • Native English speaking teachers
  • Daily immersion in both English and STEM
  • Fully integrated into the curriculum
  • Theme-based
  • Exposure to literary classic texts
  • Conversation and vocabulary development
  • Storytelling