Common CORE

International schools that base their curriculum on the American educational standards are preferred by parents across the world. The standards set high expectations of achievement in all subject areas and strives to create a well-rounded student through a enquiry-based, hands-on and individualized approach to instruction. It is due to the this approach that GP Academy follows the Common CORE Standards in its Early Advantage Curriculum.


The Common CORE State Standards are a result of a 2009 United States Department of Education initiative that set a clear set of shared goals for the knowledge and skills students need to acquire in English Language Arts & Literacy and Mathematics at each grade level so that they can be best prepared for success in the next grade level, in college, in their career or in life. Prior to this initiative, each of the fifty states had its own set of academic standards, some higher than others, resulting in a wide range of student performance expectations from state to state. Since 2009, forty-one states and Washington DC have adopted and implemented the Common CORE.


The  standards and best practices of high-performing states and top-performing countries played a significant role in the development of the Common CORE. The process encouraged collaboration between the U.S. Department of Education, top teachers, subject experts and each state’s chief educational officers. The standards are rooted in scholarly research and performance assessment results and surveys of what skills children needed at each level of a K-12 education.

Not A Curriculum

The Common CORE is not a curriculum. It is a clear set of standards and expectations for what knowledge and skills will help our students succeed and is intended to serve as a reference for teachers and administrators. GPA’s Early Advantage Curriculum content is shaped by the Common CORE Standards because they represent a coherent vision of the concepts children should be learning.  These standards provide a minimum benchmark for students and teachers at GPA, with actual student achievements frequently exceeding these academic targets.

Today’s students are preparing to enter a world that is more demanding of them in every stage of schooling and life. To ensure all students are prepared for success after their time at GP Academy, we follow the Common Core State Standards. The focus on  student-led inquiry and hands-on engagement, ensures that our students are gaining essential knowledge, while at the same time developing critical skills for independent, lifelong learning.For more information on these standards, click HERE.

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