Our Facilities

GP Academy is located in the northeast corner of the Trang An Complex, in the rapidly developing urban area of Cau Giay in Hanoi. Our first location provides state of the art facilities to create a learning environment that is modern, safe, exciting and most importantly, best suited for encouraging the learning process.
GP Academy was designed and built to the highest national and international standards with several key areas, each of which is a critical part of our daily curriculum.


Our playground is a large 600+ square meter space that includes 2 sets of outdoor play equipment, a ground level trampoline and many other pieces of equipment designed to create a fun space for physical activity. The area is fenced in away from the rest of the residential complex and beautifully landscaped with trees, resulting in a safe place for children to explore and play under the care of teachers.


At an average size of 65 square meters, our classrooms are designed with space, natural light and learning efficiency in mind. Each classroom layout includes a media center, a reading nook, a role play space, an art corner, a block corner, a private bathroom, a balcony and plenty of age specific teaching tools to keep every student curious and engaged. Our rooms are also equipped with two-way air conditioning systems and fans to guarantee appropriate temperature at all times.

Naturescape Roof

A perfect complement to our ground-level playground, our naturescape roof is a completely enthralling play area that takes children out of the urban setting to a place where they can safely interact directly with nature without leaving campus! The play area is made up of all-natural and recycled materials. The roof also includes a garden area, a mini-zoo and an outdoor classroom.

Indoor Gym

An inclement weather alternative to our two outdoor play areas, our indoor gym has a variety of play equipment that is designed to encourage motor skill development in a safe setting. The options include a jungle gym, an obstacle course, age-appropriate climbing walls, sports equipment and a variety of other attractions. When not being utilized as a play area, the indoor gym serves as a meeting space for faculty/staff and parent events.

Indoor Swimming Pool

One of our five fundamental learning areas, the heated indoor swimming pool allows a year-round opportunity for every student to learning swimming basics. The pool is 0.6 meters deep, includes a splash area and lots of child-friendly pool toys.

Multi-Purpose Room

One of our five fundamental learning areas, the multi-purpose room is an extension of the classroom micro-learning area(s). Set up with 8+ learning stations that all have a variety of learning instruments. A car station, a LEGO building center, a doll house, and a puzzle station are just a few of the exciting areas your child will get to participate in.

Music Room

One of our five fundamental learning areas, the music room provides the opportunity for each student to explore music, dance and a variety of other activities. The room includes a dance floor, a music listening station, a recording studio, a variety of musical instruments and many other learning instruments.


One of our five fundamental learning areas, the library is designed to cultivate a love of reading in every student. The area is open, inviting, and equipped with hundreds of books suitable for different ages in both English and Vietnamese. Our dedicated librarian is responsible for organizing monthly activities and ensures that all classrooms participate in reading initiatives.

Computer Room

One of our five fundamental learning areas, the computer room uses computers and tablets to prepare students for the technology skills they’ll need to be 21st century learners. Our younger learners are encouraged to use a variety of hand-picked learning games and apps, while our older students focus on computer basics.

Health Room

Your child’s health and safety are our top priority and the health room serves as the first point of care for any students that are sick or otherwise not feeling well. The room is furnished with essential health care equipment and a dedicated school nurse with the specialized support from ______ hospital.


Proper nutrition is the fuel that keeps our young learners functioning throughout the day and our standard one-way kitchen provides our daily snacks and meals while ensuring that all food hygiene and safety standards are followed. Our typical day includes a breakfast, a mid-morning snack, lunch and a mid-afternoon snack. Parents are notified weekly of our lunch menu, which is a blend of both Vietnamese and Western foods.